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Exclusive Authentic Patterns and Pattern Books

A very large range of Authentic Patterns and Pattern Books from the Early Greek Period going through Romans, Viking , Saxons, Early Medieval, Late Medieval, Civil War , Tudor, right upto the Victorian era.

There are 2 type of patterns available.

Pattern Books do have a lot of information in them. which are quite detailed and does give some help in how prepare clothing for that period. There is a large variety of pattern books for many periods of History. 

Large Patterns. These are A0 size patterns, approximately 36" inches wide and up to 60" inches long. All printed on this single sheet, some are marked out for ( Easy use ) cutting and sewing. 

All the Pattern Products are written and formulated by Dave Rushworth, who has been a re-enactor for past 40 years.


Exclusive Authentic Patterns 

Authentic Patterns from a multitude of Periods,:-

A Very Large range of Authentic Patterns from Early Greek Period to Romans, Darkage, Vikings, Saxons, Medieval, Tudor, Civil War(s), Napoleonics, to late 18th Century

These patterns will help you create a garment fit for the period required.

Pattern Size: 1.5m x 92 cm wide.

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